Saachi 3.2 Liter Air Fryer - NL-AF-4766

QAR 395,00 395,00

Sakhy electric cookers without oil

Capacity: 3.2 liters
black color

the description:
This sophisticated invention makes cooking easier and more enjoyable. This wonderful pan from Saatchi gives you tasty, healthy and light food, which allows you to cook with little or no oil. All you have to do is open the food area in this frying pan, set food, set the temperature and adjust the time. And voila! You will then get your favorite food in minutes.

Key Features
7 kg
Capacity: 3.2 liters
They can cook, fry and grind food
30 minute timer with automatic shutdown
Frying is 50% faster and energy efficient
Rapid Air Technology
Quick meals fried without the use of oil
Adjustable temperature up to 200 celsius
A detachable frying basket for easier cleaning
High temperature protection system

Rapid Air Technology
This Saatchi Sausage is characterized by fast air technology that enables you to fry, bake and roast in a healthy and lighter way to your favorite food and meals using little or no oil. This frying pan is your gateway to a healthy life.