DSHOPICK is an online platform of D shopping and pick, founded in 2017. It is a Qatari company that aims to support trade in Qatar. The website looks forward to contributing to several state projects aimed at supporting traders in the modern trading method and linking the merchants of the websites Shops and commercial-client. The site provides security by guaranteeing and facilitating the sale and purchase through electronic payment. The platform provides the delivery of the goods from the seller to the buyer in an orderly manner that ensures smooth and smooth sales process. The site also provides the seller with a marketing platform for the product in a modern manner in terms of advertisements and also guarantees continuity and safety of trade.

 Our mission is to provide Qatar market a quality life in all it’s beauty in a convenient way.
Our vision is to become regional leader in creating ties between local population and advanced brands .

D Shopping & Pick 
Doha, Qatar